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Tasty Planet Forever is the action game that has built and published by Dingo Games – an independent game developer.Apk + Mod (Star/Diamond/Coin) Android Download latest version Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk with direct link.
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July 4, 2021
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Tasty Planet Forever is the action game that has built and published by Dingo Games – an independent game developer.Apk + Mod (Star/Diamond/Coin) Android Download latest version Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk with direct link.

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About Tasty Planet Forever APK?

Tasty Planet Forever is an action type game developed and published by Dingo Games. In this game you have to imagine yourself as someone who is very hungry and loves to eat no matter what you get.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK

Key Features Tasty Planet Forever APK?

  • Lively Graphics
  • Realistic and Cheerful Sounds
  • Available for Android, iOS and PC
  • Many characters and so many worlds
Lively Graphics
This game has  the amazing graphics of a cartoon world which will be a lot of fun to play.  And the gameplay is smooth too.Also, get Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK
Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK
Realistic and Cheerful Sounds
The game’s music as well as the rest of the sounds are well incorporated into it, such as Cat’s meow, the screaming sound of people when they are eaten up.  Sound of knife, tree, vehicle.  Everyone’s sound is added which gives an amazing experience while playing the game.
Available for Android, iOS and PC
This game is available on all devices, you can play it on Android, iOS or even PC. Tasty Planet Forever download for free on any of your devices.
Many characters and many worlds

In order to not  get bored in the game, many characters have been provided like Cat, Octopus, Rat, Bee, Shark, Dingo, Penguin, Goo.  Also, Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK iOS

Many characters and many worlds

And with each character you can play in a different location with different food items. Lets see what all you can eat in this game.

Key Features: Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK

In Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK you will find some more features that will increase the fun of playing even more. Such as:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited stars
  • All worlds unlocked
  • Increased time limit
Unlimited money and gems

Download the free Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK and then you don’t need to worry about earning coins and progressing slowly in the game. You can play in any world right from the first day and just play with any character. Unlock all worlds and enjoy it.  Also, Download Marvel Contest of Champions Mod Apk The character can also be modified to make them look even  better with unlimited money you get in the Tasty Planet Forever hack version.

Unlimited stars

It is important to have stars to unlock new levels in this game, if you have this Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK then you will have unlimited stars i.e. your all levels will be unlocked at once.

All worlds unlocked

With unlimited money you can unlock all the worlds and their characters so you’ll never get bored playing in the same world multiple times.

More time limit

A Longer time limit will allow you to play the same level for a longer time, the advantage of which will be that you will be able to increase your character a lot by feeding it. It will be really fun to explore what all stuff is able to feed to your character. Like insects? Or trees? Humans?  Or the whole building??Also, Get Summoners War MOD APK

Extra arrows

Arrow helps you to locate your food by giving you directions. Though you can eat everything, yet you have to stay away from those things which are bigger than your size. So take care of that. More arrows means you can locate more food in your surroundings.


Play as a little cat and grow up by eating everything that surrounds you. At the start the cat will be very small like microscopic in size which gradually gets bigger after eating. When it keeps getting bigger, it can swallow bigger things too.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK Gameplay

It can also eat those things which are not edible in the real world like trees, cars. There will also be some things that you have to be aware of in the game, such as a knife.  Also, Download Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football MOD APK Download But still, as your size increases, you can also eat those things which used to be dangerous at one time.  Because in this game you can literally eat anything.

Touch is to eat

This game means eating. And just anything you see here is edible. Such as bread, mouse, knife, bottle, insects, car, trees, people, buildings.  You can eat the whole city.  Just have to touch once with anything and if your size is bigger than that then it will be in your stomach. And by doing this your size will increase even more and a time will come when you will eat the whole World.

There are 7 worlds to eat

Like Seven characters, with each character you will get a new world i.e. total seven worlds.

  • Parisian Cat Caribbean
  • Octopus African Rat
  • Expand Big City Bee
  • Pacific Basking Shark
  • Australian Dingo
  • Cyberpunk Penguin
  • Martian Goo

This means that you will not get bored of playing in the same world and you will get a new experience and new things to explore every time. You can find every type of location in Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK such as restaurant store, city street, air, water, a lot more different worlds.

Let’s see how much you can find in this game, because every World has  different characters, different locations, different food items, different mysteries and different amusement.

 Tasty Planet Forever hack apk reward

Your Reward

You will get reward money and gems as you progress in this game. New worlds could be unlocked and also you can design your character. If you have a Tasty Planet hack version downloaded with unlimited resources  then you can directly take advantage of all these features.

The new animals and environments

Mostly when the game starts, we have to play in the character of little Cat but apart from this there are many animals in the game like octopus, rat, bee, shark, dingo, penguin, goo.  You can play with each animal in a different world and different environment that will never stop the fun of the game.

Relax with Tasty Planet Forever

This is a very relaxing game which anyone can play in free time to calm down the mind and if you started playing once then you will never want to delete it again.


Does Tasty Planet Forever is God Mod?

Yes, in Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK you will get unlimited resources from which you can buy anything.  because it’s a god mod.

Is it safe?

Yes, Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK is completely safe to download and use.  You can play it offline and there will be no problem with the account.


This is a very wonderful game, you will never be able to get bored by playing it as time pass. To get an even better experience, it would be a good idea to download the Tasty Planet Forever hack version because in that you will be able to unlock everything in one go, and your entire focus will be on exploring the game and trying new things and not on the level unlocking of the game.

The reviews from the gamers showed that instead of finishing a level, they find it more fascinating to stay in one level and eat as much as it is possible to explore how large their character can be in this game. This thought can be fulfilled in Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK. So hence he also has the same thoughts and liking then definitely go for the same.

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Works better on new devices with rounded corners and camera cutouts -64 bit support



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