Free Fire Headshot MOD APK (AimBot_Auto headshots)


Garena Free Fire Mod Apk v1.98.1 data includes unlimited diamonds, health, and aimbot. Download the free fire mod apk game for Android.
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15 April 2023
Android 6+
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Free Fire Headshot MOD APK is a modded version of the popular battle royale game, Free Fire, which has been modified to give users the ability to take their enemy’s headshots & be more accurate with their aim them the amazing ability to finish their players in an instant. This Modified Version of the game allows players to take headshots without having to aim and shoot at the target, as it provides them with an auto-aim feature that automatically locks onto the enemy’s head helping those players particularly those who have a tight hand in aiming.

Well, not only this but the modified application also increases the damage dealt when taking headshots, making it easier to take enemies out with just one shot. Furthermore, the mod also makes it so players can take headshots from a greater distance, allowing them to take out enemies further away unlike the normal Garena Free Fire game.

The Free Fire Headshot MOD APK is an excellent way for players to get an edge in the game. Not only does it allow them to take headshots easily, but it also increases the accuracy of their aim taking it to the next level.

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Some of the Best Garena Free Fire Headshot Mod Apk Features

  • Aimbot and Wallhack
  • Antenna Enable, Blue, Yellow
  • Guest Reset Enable
  • Anti Ban Feature
  • Auto Headshot.
  • Aim when Fire.
  • Aim when to Aim
  • Aim when Crouch.
  • No Recoil
  • God MODE
  • Double Gun Hack Enable
  • ESP Line, v2, name
  • Different Aimbot  360, shooting
  • Aimbot aiming, crouching
  • One Hit Kill
  • Double Gun Hit
  • No Recoil
  • Get Aimbot Scope
  • Distance ESP
  • ESP Car Names
  • ESP Car Distance
  • ESP Car Color
  • ESP Car Distance 1-1700

Aimbot & Auto-Headshot, Unlimited Ammos

Well, if we particularly talk about the Free Fire Headshot MOD APK then some of the best-modded features that you can get are Aimbot & Auto Headshot same as you will get mod apk of free fire. This feature allows the player to automatically aim and shoot at enemies. It makes it easier for players to take down their opponents quickly and accurately. Not only this but the Modified Version of the game also allows players to have an unlimited amount of ammunition and never run out, allowing for endless firefights.

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MOD Menu & Features & No Recoil, Invisible Mode

Removes recoil from all weapons, allowing for more accurate shots. Moving ahead we would like to talk about this one modified feature also that allows its players to become invisible, making it even more difficult for enemies to spot them in hectic situations of the game too. Moreover, you’ll also get an amazing Mod Menu in the game through which you can easily navigate all the exclusive modded features that are added in the game such as No Recoil, Instant Kill, One Hit Kill, Auto Headshot, Aim & much more.

Wall/Fly/Speed Hacks & High Damage Weapons

Well, with all of these features, the game even has some additional hacks in the game added such as Wall Hacks that let you shoot through the walls & finish the enemies, speed hacks that explain their work very well that will help you move your player even faster around the whole map, and the fly hack which will allow you to fly high in the sky & shoot enemies from there. And, all of these features can be experienced with the High-Damage Weapons in the game which would be unlocked for you.

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ESP Material, Menu Extra & Cars, No Reload

Some last set of modified features which would we would be talking about is the ESP Hacks which are ESP Material, ESP Menu, and the ESP Extra & Cars modded features. Well, you can get to use & experience all of these mod features of the Free Fire Headshot MOD APK also allowing their players to increase their chances of finishing the other enemies quite fast. Plus when you’ll be using your weapons you’ll be experience absolutely no recoil as well as there would be no reloading of your weapon also.

Final Words

And, these were some of the best In-game features of the one & only Garena Free Fire Headshot MOD APK. In this article, we specifically talked about the Headshot Mod Apk, but in case you want to download & install the full Modified Version of the game then you may visit this Free Fire MOD APK page where you can get to know more about it. Now, if you have any leftover questions or queries that you want to ask us then leave them down in the comments section.

What's new

1. Character system rework: Purchase characters using Gold and enjoy max. level skills immediately upon unlocking. Optimized skill equipping.
2. New character: Orion. His active skill prevents from taking damage and absorbs enemy HP.
3. Character Awakening: Alvaro.
4. New in Battle Royale: In-game Quests and Super Revival.
5. Optimized Clash Squad Protection Points. Rank up smoother!
6. New modes coming soon: Pet Smash and Triple Wolves.
7. Clash Squad Season 18: Starting March 22, 12:00 GMT+8.

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