How to Download Super Auto Pets on iOS

Download Super Auto Pets iOS: Do you want to play Super Auto Pets on your iOS device? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll learn about what this game is all about, plus how to play it on iOS.

You can create strategies to win in many games. These games can be simple but offer the most challenging gameplay.

These types of games are very popular because they allow players to play a lot of them at once. Super Auto Pets is one of the newest strategy games. This guide will show you how to play it on iOS.

This is an auto battler that allows you to do whatever you like with your pets. This game allows you to unlock many animals with various skills that can be used in battles.

You’ll be playing against other players in this game all the time so you have to stay alert. As you battle with other players, it will be your turn to choose which animals to keep for your team. You can then let the game fight it out!

In Super Auto Pets you build a team from a lovable cast of animals who will fight for you. They each have unique abilities, so choose wisely who will join your team!Here you can also get Latest Android Mod APK Games

What are Super Auto Pets?

You can find many amazing strategy games you can play right now. Many strategy game enthusiasts can find fun ones today.

As long as you like them, you are free to download any number of fun strategy games you want. There are many strategy games available. Super Auto Pets iOS and Android allows you to enjoy a strategy game with cute animals as your characters.

This fighting game is free to play and primarily automated. To win, you will only need to choose which animals to put on your team. You should remember that every animal has its own characteristics, abilities, and effects.

What are Super Auto Pets?

To win, you’ll need to think about team synergy and balance. This is why it’s important to keep the best cards in your team, and eliminate those that are not necessary. You’ll have the opportunity to battle with many animals in this game. Get the Best Fishing Games For Android & iOS

For ten wins, you can either join the Arena Mode or the Versus Mode to compete in real-time. You will enjoy the simple controls and colorful graphics of this game. Watch your pets as they fight each other on the field. You can Also Get Free PS5 with simple Steps.

Features two modes

  • Arena mode, asynchronous matchups, no turn timer! Can you get 10 wins?
  • Versus mode, match up against X other players, can you come out on top?

Please note that this is a beta release. Things are subject to change, and there might be some imbalance issues. Feel free to report any issues by sending us an email or joining our discord!

We relied a lot on free emoji libraries. Thank you very much for the amazing work. The following is a list of the used emoji packs and a link to the source and license.

then adjust your strategy and fight again if necessary.

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How to play Super Auto Pets on iOS

Unfortunately, Super Auto Pets is not available for iOS. According to the information found online, the game has not been released for iOS yet. Either wait for the game to come out, or play other similar games.

How to Download Super Auto Pets on iOS

Here’s a list of similar games to Super Auto Pets you can play today. Although these games may not be identical to the original, they share many of the same elements. These are the games:

  • Card City Nights 2
  • Ascension
  • Decoherence
  • Animal Warfare
  • Zombie Strike
  • Runeverse
  • TrainClicker Idle Evolution
  • Poker Hands
  • Blood Card

Immersive Gaming- Super Auto Pets iOS

You’ll be able to use many pets when you join the game. Your primary goal is to make sure your team defeats other players’ teams. Your quest will require you to use your special skills.

Your pets are vital to your success, so you’ll need to protect them. A single pet loss can cause a major setback to your team.

You’ll receive more rewards the more levels you complete. You should always make sure you get as much treasure as possible. It will come in handy later to unlock new pets and more gaming features.

The gameplay is very immersive. The cute graphics and top-notch game mechanics will delight you. Super Auto Pets iOS is the best choice if you are looking for a fun gaming experience.


In most of the sites you may not find Super Auto Pets iOS but here you will get How to Download Super Auto Pets on iOS at the moment, but you can still play these other similar games! You can still enjoy them as they have similar gameplay styles, genres, graphics, and graphics. 

You can also wait until the iOS version is published.

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