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Toca Hair Salon 3 Apk ios/Android: Great educational app for Kids, Toca Hair Salon 3 is bursting content like Style and straighten curly hairs absolutely like real life.

From its name you already understand about the Toca Hair Salon 3 APK ios/Android is a Game application about salon related,

if not able to understand then don’t get then here I will try to explain to you all about it.

It’s a Great Educational App for Android & iOS for fun for kids and designing boys and Girls, here you get accessories, outfits and more for decorating one’s hair, you will able to see many things backdrops to design and look better to one.

In Toca Hair Salon 3 you can Style curly Hair and transform it into straight and silky.

What is Toca Hair Salon 3 Apk?

You would love to know that Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android is a most popular App series on Play Store better than ever,

In this, you will feel to learn and create new creative hairs, also to learn something new with a seemingly endless supply of characters and styling options.

You can choose your own character from a huge amount of Characters for designing and creating something pretty and edgy which looks great and Wow!

You can personalize your character and style for endless play and new opportunities. You can grab many tools to style the character.

What’s it about?

Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android is the salon you can work cutting, washing, styling, colouring and accessorizing your client’s hair.

You can get the tools on the bars of the bottom of the Screen table, you can Straighten, comb, play around with facial hair, and more.

If you pick up a tool like scissors and comb to create something new hair-style for your clients then, you may get more clients on the basis of cutting some different forms to others.

Also, it makes a unique sense to others to create a Design which is different from other visited clients. In the Client’s comfort, you can also colourful hair characters of the customers.

What you can do?

In Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android you can design the hairs which look real hair and stylish! It’s an awesome app where you can create an experiment that is impossible to do in offscreen and real life,

here you can make something different to the offscreen like curl the hair and sometimes it would be difficult to move and style the hair that you exactly try to do.

In the Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Androidseries, you can create super-curl hair, which looks so real and natural stylish what you can do if the wrong choice is chosen is Undo using undo button and you can see a mirror to see how things look and make it correct.

#1 Basics

In basic of course, you will see what are the elements you can use it and create the new stylish hair, No salon is complete without all tools and elements which are used in the salon.

You will be able to see and find the tools and accessories which are required to fulfill the client’s wish.

#2 Hair Type

You will find the electric accessories to style you different types of hair and move in a new look to get a new style from the old one.

#3 Style

To get Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android the hair looks great, you must use different tools and style your hair as you wish, want to design a new look of the trending days,

then you must try the scissors, clippers and other tools resize and undo options are also there to use.

#4 Color

Want to use Hair Salon App some different and advance, then you can choose the option of color and style your client hair as you wish to or his.

Using the Rainbow spray tool you can create whatever you have imagined and style it as you wish.

#5 Beards

Go to the beard section and use a beard tool on your client for beard grooming. Ready for some stylish beard, use shaving cream, scissors, clipper and razor to get some right stylish beard.

#6 New Tools & Accessories

You can just choose new characters and can change into new stylish clothes.

User Can easily change the background and use the new style on him like caps, headbands and some new silly things.people can share the things that they have created.

All the Specifications And Versions

Check Out latest Apk Here

Last UpdateOctober 27 2020
DeveloperToca Boka
Supported AndroidAndroid 4 and Above

Download Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android Version.

Top Features of Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android

  • Choose characters from dozens.
  • Style hair curly, straight and another format.
  • Get  Advance Tool.
  • Color hair using color spray tool.
  • The beard tool is awesome.
  • Use accessories.
  • Change the background and Clothes of any character.
  • No Advertisement
  • No Time Limit to play
  • You can play high scores without any limit,
  • Choose gender whom you want to design


Here, at last, I suggest you all for the new latest version of Toca hair salon 3 APK iOs/Android. It’s an educational app using this app you can learn many activities like cutting hair and more.

I had already told you that Toca hair salon 3 is a most popular App series on Play Store better than ever,

In this, you will feel to learn and create new creative hairs, also to learn something new with a seemingly endless supply of characters and styling options.


How to get Toca hair salon 3 APK iOS/Android download free

You simply visit our site and download it for free.

How to get Toca hair salon 3 APK iOS/Android

One of the most popular apps makes its return in Toca Hair Salon 3 APK iOS/Android for an educational purpose, download it from the given above link.

When does Toca hair salon 3 APK iOS/Android come out

Toca hair salon 3 App version came out on 01 March 2019, App release for Android and ios officially.

How much is Toca hair salon 3 APK iOS/Android

It Cost 4.99$.

How to get Toca hair salon 3 free iOS

To get Free Apk of it just visit this Web page and download the free version of it and enjoy it.

Toca hair salon 3 APK iOS/Android Reviews

Whatever Reviews you see here are genuine, and these are taken from Google Play Store.

Review by Olivia Dye: I love this game but sometimes it does not work correctly but it stops if I don’t play the game for a while.

when I grow up I want to do hair so it is so fun to be able to play this game! I wish though that there were more options when you do there hair and I wish there were more people in the game.

Review by Alex: Hair Salon Overall a pretty good and without a doubt the best hair styling game on the app store.

The only thing would be sometimes if you give the person long hair it can be a bit fiddly and for me using the braids can be a bit fiddly. Still, it’s a very fun game to play!

Review by Naomi Balinski: I really like this game but you should make it where your pictures actually save to your device so you can look at them later. I wish it was easier to make the hair look like it’s up in a ponytail or bun.

You should also add makeup and more girl outfits that are cute and to change the color of eyes and to dye eyebrows. If you add these things i will like this game more and rate 5 stars. So there’s a lot of things you should add but its still a fun game to play and make hairstyles.

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