Smash Hit Mod APK iOS Unlimited Balls And Premium (MOD, Unlimited Download)


Smash Hit Mod APK Unlimited Balls And Premium Free Download, Hence, the Smash Hit Mod APK iOS is a good game in which you are allowed to throw the balls at the walls,
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Smash Hit Mod APK Unlimited Balls And Premium Latest Version Free Download (MOD, Unlimited Download)

Smash Hit Mod APK Unlimited Balls And Premium Free Download, Hence, the Smash Hit Mod APK iOS is a good game in which you are allowed to throw the balls at the walls, 

Today we are talking about Smash hit MOD APK. You will get to know about the basic characteristics of the game Smash hit MOD APK.

In this article, the extra features of Smash hit MOD APK and the complete process to download it are explained in some simple steps. In the end, you will get a brief knowledge of this app and why to use a mod APK instead of a normal one.

About Smash Hit

Smash Hit is an endless running game developed by Mediocre. When your mood is off or you are angry then this game will be perfect to relax your mind. The unique realistic graphics of the game and the throbbing music will give you a real-time experience of moving in the game window and smashing glass objects.

Smash Hit Mod APK iOS

The pace of the game is constant at a time and increases as the level changes. Be more vigorous in higher levels to survive more. The feeling of passing the gates with changing graphics and music calls for dynamism and new thinking.

What is Smash hit MOD APK?

Smash hit MOD APK is the modified or cracked version of the smash hit with some extra features unlocked. If you want to play the game in a better way then you can go for Smash hit MOD APK hack download.

This game is completely free to download from here and available for both android and ios.Here you can also Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK


Some of the features of smash hit are:-

  • The unique graphics:- the game really has real-world stunning graphics which falls in your passage as you move ahead. The background keeps on changing as the level changes every time giving you a new experience to explore the next level.
  • Relaxing music:- the cool and vibrant music of the game is a stress buster and very dynamic. Like the interface, the music also keeps on changing as you level up.
  • Lots of modes:- there are lots of modes in the game. Explore them all, each having a different GamePlay just choose according to your mood.
  • Endless run:- the game never ends. The pace keeps on increasing and the level gets hardened with time. Use your tactics and try to survive as long as possible and increase your high score.
Smash Hit Mod APK Unlimited Balls IOs and Android

Key Features: Smash hit MOD APK

Some of the key features of mod apk which make it more fun than the original game are:-

  • Unlimited Balls
  • Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Balls

The game provides a limited number of balls in your inventory which limits the number of throws while playing. In this mod apk, you will get unlimited balls so play vigorously and smash all the targets.

Unlimited Gold

Like other video games, here the game currency is gold. In mod apk, you will get unlimited gold which you can use to buy different items in the game shop.


In this game, you have to break the glass obstacles with your steel balls. This game is perfect for relaxing with its stunning graphics and vibrant background music. The physics concepts are being applied well which will make you understand the trajectory of the ball and make you decide the correct angle of your ball to successfully hit the target, Also Download Lords Mobile mod Apk Premium.

Apply your logic and go “to kill two birds with one stone”. The balls are made of steel and you can set the finest way of throwing them which continues their trajectory to hit multiple targets at once. Throw more balls if one is not sufficient because if you hit any obstacle the game is over.

Smash hit MOD APK ios

But also be careful with the number of balls in your inventory. if balls get over, the game is over. That’s why you use your cleverness to hit targets with limited balls. You can get balls by hitting different crystals. So try to not miss them, Also Download Dragon City Mod APK.

There are lots of different modes with lots of rooms in each. The music and background keep on changing which would be very relaxing. Try to get as far as possible for the highest score.


Here are some of the most common questions raised by the users:

How can I get more Balls in the Smash Hit game?

Hitting crystals replenish your stash of balls. There are different types of crystals in the game each provides a different amount of balls. You only need to locate them and hit them.

Will this mod work on an iPhone?

Yes, mod apk is available to download for ios devices as well for free.

Is Smashing Hit MOD safe and free?

Yes, mod apk is completely safe for your devices. It doesn’t contain any malicious files, only the premium features are unlocked and some codes are bypassed. It is also free to download.

What’s more in the Smash hit MOD APK?

Smash hit MOD APK is completely free and safe to download with all the levels and modes unlocked. There are different modes in the game which you can play for free in this mod apk.

Smash hit MOD APK iOS is ad-free and no root is required to install it on your android or ios devices.

How to Download and install the Smash hit MOD APK?

You can download mod apk for free from here. Just choose your preferred operating system, android or ios and install your required version of smash hit. Here you can Also Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK Highly Compressed

Also, don’t forget to enable the permission of “install from unknown sources” in your phone’s settings.


So, now you must have got clear knowledge about all the features of Smash hit MOD APK iOS and Android and how to install it on your Android or iOS device. It is more necessary for you to know the additional features of MOD APK that make it far better than the normal version.

This game is free of charge and its mod apk can be easily installed without hassle. So definitely go for it and enjoy unlimited smashing in the mod.

What's new

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