Switching to Mac? Simplify Your Work With These Power Tips

User experience plays a prominent role when it comes to purchasing a computer. Future computer owners need to think about what to expect as far as operating systems and their features go. 

There are thousands of macOS shortcuts and tricks that help you streamline your workflows. If you want to improve your work methods, you should follow these tips.

Desktop and App Management 

  • Activate Spotlight for searching – It helps make your work easier with a handy search interface that you can use while finding your files on your Mac. Use Command + Space to get quick results. It helps to give all the answers in terms of the files you are looking for. 
  • Swap between apps- It helps you switch your open applications; you have to press Command + Tab. Keep holding down the Command key and then press Tab to cycle through the available application.
  • Close apps from App Switcher– When you are in the Command + Tab view, press down the Q key with the given order to close an open application.
  • Hide all Windows: If you want to hide all the windows except for the window for the application you are using. By pressing Option + Command + H, you can easily hide all the applications in one go. A superb way to close all the files in one go without losing the information and data. 
  • Cycle between App Windows– if you are working on your Mac, you have multiple windows open for an application like Safari; you can easily swap between those open windows. You need to use Command + Tilde. 


  • Video screenshots– To get the video screenshots, you need to press Shift+ Command+3 Takes a screenshot, shift + Command + 4 ( it helps to select the part that you need to capture), shift+ Command +5 ( this option brings up an interface that allows recording the screen that you want)  
  • Cleaners screenshots: You can quickly turn your icon into a camera by pressing the spacebar. You need to click on any open window to get a perfect screenshot of just that window that looks like a menu bar.
  • Crop video files: Once you take a screenshot, the next challenge includes cropping or editing the video. According to https://setapp.com/, you may use native macOS video editing apps like iMovie or use third-party software to crop the video. 

File Management

  • Quickly open files: Use the hold command and press the down arrow key to open up a folder in the finder on your desktop. 
  • Clean up your desktop: If you are a computer professional, you have to work with efficiency to showcase your talent to others. To use Stacks, you can easily organize all the files on the desktop. This command completely works on the Mac that you are using. 
  • Instant file deletion: This task is also straightforward while using Mac for users. Try this option to delete a file and bypass the trash can on the Mac helps to save files before removing it. To delete the file, you need to select the file and press the Option + Command + Delete simultaneously on your laptop. Once you press these keys, your file will be deleted.


  • Safari picture-in-picture: You can use it when finding any video on YouTube. To watch a video, you can use Safari. It helps to do all the facts with YouTube; you need to right-click twice on a selected video.  
  • Customize toolbar: In case you do not use the Home button on Safari, feel free to remove it. The Sidebar button is also something you can modify, or rather enable in the Customize Toolbar section of the browser.
  • Disable notifications: Safari might send you notifications, and there are certain sites that ask you for permissions to allow pop-ups and other notifications. You can disable this permanently in Safari’s Preferences tab.

Apple Watch and Mac

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  • Unlocking with Apple Watch: If you have an apple watch and Mac, you can use an apple watch to open your Mac. One of the advanced and superb options for those who don’t know about it, and you need to do some settings to make it possible.
  • Apple watches password authentication: You can easily reset your password and work properly using these intelligent options. Apart from that, you can use your Apple Watch as an alternative to a password. 
  • Notification Center 

Active DND quickly- if you want to activate the Do Not Disturb option, then use the option key and click on the notification center icon, which you can see on the top right corner of your Mac’s menu.

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